Get to know who I am!

Hello beautiful people! This post is going to be a a get to know me!

1.) I am normally really outgoing!

2.) I have a beagle and his name is Buckley! 

3.) I am going to be a freshman in college in a little over a month!

4.) I love reading most of the time! 

5.)  I am a baptist and have been since I was a kiddo!

6.) I love makeup and it’s kind of an obsession!

7.) I hate texting most of the time! I rather just Snapchat!

8.) I have been diagnosed with ADHD since I was younger! 

9.) I am a organized mess! 

10.) I love writing and YouTube!

11.) I have always been the athletic type or wanted to be around athletics.

12.) I was bullied in the 7&8th grade. It wasn’t as bad but carried on till I graduated!

13.) I graduated a semester early from highschool and got a job!

14.) my first job was in a brand new store in the area and I became the manager! 

So there are a few things about me so you can know me a little better and to know who is behind this screen talking to you! I am really hoping to get more active on here and hope y’all all jump on and become active and talk to me 🙂 


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