Senior Prom 

Well it finally came to another big memory in my life!! SENIOR PROM it was amazing and such a beautiful prom and so much fun! I don’t have many pictures but it was so amazing! 

Woke up and threw on some cute clothes and made sure to wear a flannel and a tank that could slide down my body so I wouldn’t be pulling something over my hair once it was done! 

It was taking forever till we were ready to leave the house for hair appointment so Dad and I went to the flower shop and picked up my corsage. Which I am obsessed with all the detail and the colors! 

Then it was time to do my hair and oh boy did it take forever. It took at least an hour to get my hair done and ready! I love it down and all the curls! Once I saw it I loved it and realized I had a lot more hair then I thought I did!!! WOAH that’s is some thick hair! Oh the reasoning for the cup in front of my face is no makeup and that is how I posed for the year before! 

Then I got all dressed and did my own makeup and I was in love with it. The jewelry looked so good with my dress and the red lipstick helped everything tie with the bottom of my dress! 

Beautiful friend of mine and a fellow Student Athletic Trainer

Best friend and my “date”


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