PROM surivial guide

Prom is supposed to be the best night ever in high school besides graduation right? Well it’s not going to be if you in pain and uncomfortable and just don’t know what’s going on… all proms are a little different but mine was decent but there should be a surivial guide if your like me. 

#1 heels are always the best option..

Flats are okay for prom heels are not required!! If you can’t walk in heels or don’t feel comfortable in heels then don’t wear then it is not mandatory at least at my prom. 

#2 no one is paying as much attention as you think….

I promise they aren’t paying that much attention to you dance moves unless your 100% intentionally drawing attention to yourself. Yes there will be people watcher but they are all just sitting there staring you down so don’t be scared to dance 

#3 bathroom breaks are kinda a struggle. 

Practice at home. I know it sounds weird but you need to know weather or not you can actually use the bathroom when wearing the dress. If it’s is harder then have a friend that would go with ya to help ya out with the dress! 

#4 a clutch or pockets or something to hold crap.. 

yeah you would think this isn’t essential right. Well I almost lost my ticket before we got to the door. I dropped my phone ( lol I am a clutz)! At the end of the night couldn’t find my keys ( they were in plain sight oops) so if you can find a way to keep it all together then do it! 

#5 deodorant is a huge must reapply before going in!!

It’s gonna be hot and sweaty and your not going to want to smell if your with a hot date! Just in general be nice to people’s noses we all know we stink when we get to sweaty. 

#6 no date no shame!

Going without a date is perfectally fine! Go with a friend or friends it is just as much if not more enjoyable! I went with my best friend and will be going with another best friend this year! 

#7 practice makes perfect.! 

It really does become a pain when you keep stepping on your dress all night if it is long add strapless on top of that and you could have an issue….. so practice dancing/ walking in your dress with your heels on. Try not to ruin your dress though before the big night! 

#8 relax!!!!

I can’t say this enough but just relax and have fun. Prom doesn’t happen often so just breathe and have fun! No tears while there unless watching a sad video… lol senior year is gonna be hard! 


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