What you need to know about Graduating early!

Early Graduation is not talked about very much and most people don’t even know they have the opportunity to graduate early from some high school. Everyone has their own reasons for graduating early but make sure it is the right thing for you. I graduated on December 20, 2016 and I wasn’t supposed to graduated until May 19, 2017.  

1.)Graduating early and Dropping out are two different things! 

Graduating early is where you have all the credit and cirteria met to be considered a graduate from your High School. Dropping out is not completing all of the criteria that is needed for graduation and dropping out can happen at any year of High School! 

2.) Graduating early doesn’t mean giving up! 

You are not giving up you just achieved what was asked of you and took an opprutunity that not many people are offered. You as an individual will have your own back story for why you graduated early and that may come across as giving up. I wouldn’t let anyone dictate that for you and if you believe graduating early is best for you then talk it through with someone that has your best interest and explain your reasons! 

3.) Graduating Early you kinda get some options. 

Personally at my highschool you had two options. Going into the work force or futhering your education. Both options in my opinion are very helpful and can provide lots of new experiences and oppurtunities! Both options carry a lot of weight and thought process so please consider your options and look through them carefully! 

4.) Graduating Early is a unique opportunity and something to mention. 

Graduating early will in a way make you stand out from everyone else your age. There were two of us from my High School that graduated a semester early and I went straight to looking for a job and when I told my now employer that I graduated early he was surprised and congratulated me. It makes you different and shows hard work and dedication. 

5.) Graduating early is not for everyone!

Some people need the strict schedule that going to high school provides. Some people could care less about the schedule and just need people around them all the time ( not in a bad way I’m not being rude)! Graduating early would hinder some abilities for some colleges and their scholarship offers! 

6.) Do your research! 

 Make sure you know everything about what graduating early will do for you or how it may hinder you and make sure you consider it all! If going to college, call the colleges you may attend and ask if graduating early can hinder scholarships, acceptance or anything!! 

Just a few of the colleges I was considering

Well that is my opinion on what you need to know about Early Graduation!!!! If you have any questions please feel free to leave me a comment asking and I will do my best to respond! If you want to know my Early Gradutation story let me know and I can post about it! 


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