Turkey Day!!!

Wow today was something and that is for sure. This morning I woke up around 7:30 to get ready for football practice. We had to be at our schools indoor facility by 8:30 this morning and I wanted to not look like complete trash when the community would be there to watch the boys practice. Yes we do have a practice on Thanksgiving because the team is our second family and we are thankful to be with the team. So yeah we had practice till about 10:30 this morning then I came home to everyone just starting to get up and get going, because the night before is when all the prepping happened basically. So I for one just went into our living room and got on the computer and caught up on YouTube videos that I have missed seeing from the day before and today. I had to use the computer because my phone broke yesterday… sadly that is a big downer for me and I slightly feel lost without it and have just been on the family computer and Ipad. After awhile I went into the kitchen and started helping my mom cook, because everyone comes to our house for thanksgiving. So I helped do a couple of things in the kitchen and then went and redid my makeup for the day. By the time I was finished with my makeup everyone was at the house and we all hung out until the food was ready. Then in a Thanksgiving fashion loaded up on food and ate until I felt sick to my stomach. All the family was just hanging out and having fun and catching up since it has been awhile. After hanging out for several hours the extended family left and now it is just the four of our immediate family here. We have been missing my brother since he is now in college and can’t come home all the time.

Well here is the question for the day that everyone asks… What are you thankful for???

I am personally thankful for my relationship with Christ and all the grace He has given me. I am thankful for another day on this beautiful creation of God’s He made it and it is beautiful. No this world is not perfect and no one in it is perfect the only perfect human is Christ himself. I am thankful for the many opportunities that I have been given throughout my life and hope that I take full advantage of them in a great way. I am thankful for my family and friends that have been there for me through it all also I am thankful for the football team that I work with and the training staff that I work with they are amazing and I will miss them once I am graduated.


Sorry if this isn’t my best post but I am still wanting to spend time with my family and not spend a lot of time just absorbed into a computer not taking in the things that I am grateful for and may at time take for granted.


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