My Makeup Story


Makeup is something I have grow up around and have  a strong passion about. I used to watch Youtube for hours on end to learn how to do makeup like some of the makeup gurus that I watched (and still watch). I love seeing all the amazing things that you can do with makeup and how much it can change how a person looks. With makeup being my passion it also calls for a lot of money depending on what I am wanting to buy. I love high-end and drugstore makeup products and will use pretty much any of them because makeup is makeup to an extent. I have a passion for makeup because in my opinion it is a way to express how you are feeling and it is very creative. There are so many different styles of makeup out there and you can change up how you do your makeup and it will make a drastic change in how one looks or is viewed. In the pictures above you can see some of the makeup looks I have worn more recently, I am very proud of my makeup in these because I felt confident and beautiful with the makeup on. If you look at my home page and scroll down until you see sophomore year then you will see how I used to wear my makeup on a day to day basis. Wow I must say my day to day looks have changed a lot over the past few years… I love learning new things when it come to makeup, like new application techniques, new ways to shape my face, learn what colors are in for makeup in a particular season, etc. I love doing my own makeup and other peoples makeup because I find it as a way to learn yourself and make the features you love about yourself stand out. Makeup doesn’t have to be a security blanket and for me it isn’t. Yes to some people it is a way to hide and it is a security blanket. I don’t use makeup as a way to hide my flaws all the time.. I do go out in public with no makeup on or little makeup on because it is great to let your face be able to breathe. I for one love that makeup is a way to hide imperfections yes but it is also a way to bring out the features that you love in yourself. I am not a pro at makeup I know that for sure but I like to think I am decent at makeup.


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