College Tours…


Well it is that time…. Rush of emotions as you are preparing for you campus tour of a college you are interested in. So many things running through your head wondering how the tour is going to go, what your going to do, what to wear, what to ask, what to not ask etc.. Well I have only been on two college campus tours and I don’t have a lot but I do have some information  that may help you that I have learned.

  1. Wear comfortable shoes you will be walking a lot ( I suggest no heels for you ladies)
  2. Wear what makes you comfortable ( I wore cute tank and some cute shorts with sandles (my feet were sore))
  3. You will be touring the CAMPUS so pay attention you may need to know where you are going
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask questions (I will cover good questions later)
  5. Be yourself otherwise you have to keep up the fake image if you attend that college
  6. Be open-minded when touring the campus
  7. Listen to the information they will (should) be telling you the information that would answer most of your questions
  8. If your parents are with you yes let them ask some of the questions (don’t be embarrassed your parents want to know about where you could be attending)
  9.   Write down the information if you think you will otherwise forget it
  10. Another way to remember is if you have enough storage on your phone then record the tour with just audio
  11. Listen for information about scholarships.. they are so very important

Well those are some of the things that I have gathered from doing two campus tours. My parents did go with me and yes my dad was asking questions, but I wasn’t embarrassed because he needs the information too and I would have never thought about what he asked. College tour can seem a little daunting but they really aren’t that bad and you get a somewhat feel for the campus. I personally fell in love with a campus that I had recently thought I hated not because the school, but because I didn’t want to give the school a chance in the beginning.

I guess I should address what I brought up earlier and said I would help out with…  I am not going to have any information on this because I was extremely nervous at both of my campus tours and they gave a lot of information so I personally didn’t ask any questions. But here are some good questions to ask

  1. What is the student to faculty ration
  2. What is the biggest social event for the students
  3. How much time do most students spend on studying and homework a week
  4. Does the school use many teaching assistants
  5. Is there an honors program (if applicable)
  6. What opportunities are there for undergraduate research (if applicable)
  7. Does the school have a study abroad program (if applicable)
  8. What percentage of financial need does the school typically meet
  9. What is the four year graduation rate
  10. Are there tutoring programs available
  11. What kind of learning disabilities resources do they have
  12. What are the dorm choices and types
  13. How many students roughly live on campus
  14. What clubs does the college have
  15. How big is Greek life on this campus (do some research before some campuses don’t use Greek life but have something like it under a different name)
  16. What is the banking on campus (ATM and who with or whatever thank dad for this question)

These are just some of the good questions that you could ask. I would maybe wait till they ask for questions or till the very end to ask questions because they may have not gotten to that part of the tour yet. Always remember more than likely they are a current student at the college so some of the answers they might not know but find someone from admin later and ask them some questions if they are free.

Another thing I will say is that for me I can visit both colleges I am really focusing on anytime because  I am in the area of the colleges so often, so if you have this opportunity like me then go walk around with mom, dad, brother, sister, friend, grandparents, aunt, uncle, cousin whoever you know and want to go with you that can. It is good sometime to look at the campus when things are being said the whole time and you can look more into detail of the campus. These are just my opinion I have never given a campus tour and I am not a pro nor know everything about campus tours… This is all the information I can get though that makes sense to me and some from personal experience.

Love, Darbi Zeiler

**** P.S. if you have advice for tours then please comment it below to help others out because like I said I am NOT an expert in this…



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