Thinking about College?!?!


College is right around the corner for me and probably some of you reading this.. You may be a freshman in high-school but it is never to early to start thinking about college I promise. I started really thinking about college and looking for scholarships my freshman year in high-school. Granted that I didn’t apply for any scholarships until I now ( I am a senior in high-school) I wish I would have started applying for as many as I could have back then. Any money makes a difference when talking about college. I will always recommended that you don’t just focus on one college your whole life and then get to time of applying and then tour that school and hate it…. talk about awkward and being in a pickle. I was very determined to go to one college because it was my dream, and I got to junior year and decided that I wanted to look at other schools because why not… Well then I toured two colleges and fell in love with both and that brought up a whole new level of stress and confusion. I am still in high-school and trying to decide between several colleges now. I am taking  a lot of things into consideration… Here is what I would recommend thinking about

  1. Do they offer the major you are thinking about ( if not determined then do they have all the majors you may be interested in) ?
  2. Do they offer sororities and fraternities ( if you want to be in Greek life)?
  3. How much is tuition?
  4. How far is it away from home?
  5. Do you like the campus and community?
  6. Do you feel at home?
  7. Is the class size the right size for you?
  8. Do they have the things you are interested in?

These are just a few of the things that I considered and what I know some of my friends are considering when it comes to college. College is never to early to start thinking about and making many plans for. Look at the colleges websites to see what all the campus is up to, but another great way is to follow them on social media so you can get a feel for what they are doing and how they run things. Apply Apply Apply!!!!! I can’t tell you enough that you want to get applications done as soon as possible then get all the other papers sent as well! Also since you are thinking about college take the ACT or SAT they are very important and yes they can be boring and overwhelming but you need it for college as far as I know.. (: When you are thinking about college it is going to be stressful but that is why I recommend planning everything out,and getting important dates as soon as possible. Just remember college i for fun and education so don’t be to cared and remember to relax and just roll with it. Stressing over college to much is going to make you dread it and feel like you will never have enough time. Get help where you need it with applications and recommendations sometimes it is hard to do these things on your own because it take a lot of energy so just breathe and everything will be okay! xoxo

Love, Darbi Zeiler


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