Welcome to my blog

Hey, my name is Darbi Zeiler and I am a senior in high-school. I am wanting to create a blog where I can talk about what is going on in my life and I can just tell my stories and share my opinion. I am in love with makeup and have been since  I was a little girl and I want to work with makeup in my future as a hobby. I was involved with sports all my life until my health went a little downhill with having really bad knees, so now I just work at my school as a Student Athletic Trainer so I can still be surrounded by sports even though I can’t really participate in them anymore. I love everything fashion even though I wouldn’t say I am the most fashionable. I love reading because it is a way to escape the real world and get caught up in something besides your own  life. I am wanting to hopefully go to college and major in computer science and minor in business. I have worked with computers since I was a freshman in high-school and have not stopped taking computer classes since then. I am  a very outgoing person who has gone through things, but it is all for the bigger picture that will be my life story. Another reason  I am wanting to start this blog it to keep it up and have something that I can look back on and remember things that happened in my life. Also it would always be a place where I can always stay grounded in what I believe and how I view things in life. I also love videography and photography and would not say that I am very good at them, but I can always still learn more about them and try and get better.

Love, Darbi Zeiler


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